tattoo Removal

Removes tattoos in 50-75% fewer treatments than LASER.

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  • Starts at $89

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"You have nothing to lose but your tattoo!


The World's FIRST, All Natural, Non-LASER Tattoo Removal Method

This all natural safe method is the better alternative to laser removal.
- Removes the ink completely out of the body unlike traditional laser which pushes the ink through your lymphatic system(cancer causing).
- Removes ALL colors
- Less painful
- Less expensive
- Lower risk of scarring
- LESS treatments involved.

This is a all natural saline based solution, NOT a harsh acid treatment..


Price varies by size

Example:  1st treatment $100 your 2nd treatment will be $50 and all treatments after.

  • Each additional treatment after your 1st initial treatment will be HALF the price. .