About Sleeping BEauty

Sleeping Beauty Skin & Lash Bar was established back in August 2004, going by the name Sleeping Beauty Permanent Cosmetics L.L.C and only specializing in permanent cosmetics.
The Story Behind the Name: Not to be confused with the Disney Princess, the name Sleeping Beauty was actually inspired by the owners childhood friend who would sleep with her makeup on. So when it came time to choose a name for her permanent makeup practice where you can sleep, swim, and still have makeup on...Sleeping Beauty was born.

The SB Mission: Being in the beauty industry where the choices are many, SB tries to offer a unique, professional, and quality experience to their clients. The prices are fair, catering to all classes. Because customer service is a priority, we encourage clients to be open and honest about the service they receive.

Welcome to Sleeping Beauty, we hope your service was everything you wanted and more!


Heeelllo Pretty!
So glad you found us! I started Sleeping Beauty back in 2004 and it's been growing ever since!
I wanted to create a place where you can get the full treatment all in 1 location!

I'm a perfectionist, and my motto is "if I can't do it right, then I don't want to do it at all." I give 100% every time!

I'm professional, I'm trained, I'm fair, and want to see YOU at the Classiest Pinkest Place In Town!

                               Yours Permanently,